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Anġlu Farrugia expected to serve another term as Speaker

Dr Anglu Farrugia is expected to be confirmed in his role as Speaker of the House of Representatives, with another mandate for the next five years.

Television Malta is informed that the appointment of Speaker is expected to be announced in the coming days. The inaugural sitting of Parliament for the 13th legislature will be held today week in the morning.

The appointment of President of the House, the third most important post according to the Constitution of Malta, is the first item on next Saturday’s Parliamentary agenda. At the beginning of the Sitting the Clerk of the House will read out the President’s Proclamation for the convening of Parliament, and the results of the general election and the casual election. The Prime Minister will then present a motion for the nomination of the Speaker. A discussion on the nomination may ensue, and a vote may also be taken.

The House of Representatives will also have a Deputy Speaker, and the Prime Minister has already offered this post to the Opposition, which will have to choose someone from its MPs.