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Busuttil tells Juncker the people feel disappointed

The Opposition has continued to stress its disappointment at the EU Commission’s decision regarding the new gas power station when the EU Commission President together with the Commission’s Collegiate paid a visit to Parliament for a meeting with The Speaker and the Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees.

While addressing the President and European Commissioners, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said that the people of Malta are disappointed both with the EU as well as the EU Commission because not a word had been mentioned about corruption.

“And we have not seen anything coming out of the European Commission about this. And here you are today and you seem to have nothing to say about it. This is something very disappointing for Maltese people. And I’m being quite diplomatic here”, said Dr Busutill.

Dr Busuttil also complained that the Commissioner for Energy, who is also Vice President of the EU Commission, had jointly addressed a media conference with Minister Konrad Mizzi at Delimara.

Jean-Claude Juncker disagreed with Busuttil and maintained the Commission has its own competence and does not interfere in internal affairs.

Parliamentary Speaker Anġlu Farrugia greeted the Commissioners and appealed to them to heed the citizens because the EU cannot flourish without its citizens.

Earlier, at The Palace in Valletta, the first meetings took place between officials of Malta’s Presidency and the EU Commission. These took place with a focus on security, immigration and social justice and were led by Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech and Ministers George Vella, Carmelo Abela and Owen Bonnici.

Another meeting dealt with expansion, the internal market and political coexistence, a meeting led by Ministers Chris Cardona, Edward Zammit Lewis, Manuel Mallia and Anton Refalo as well as Parliamentary Secretaries Chris Agius, Ian Borg and Stefan Buontempo.

Financial Services, EU Monetary Economics and the Social Agenda were discussed at a meeting led by Ministers Edward Scicluna, Michael Farrugia, Chris Fearne, Evarist Bartolo and Helena Dalli together with Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana.

The final meeting dealt with Energy, the Environment, the Climate and Transport and was led by Ministers Konrad Mizzi, Jose Herrera and Joe Mizzi, together with Parliamentary Secretaries Deborah Schembri and Roderick Galdes. From the Commission side, the meeting was led by Maltese EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella.

“The priorities selected by the Presidency will have the full support of the Commission. Obviously one will have to wait as to how discussions will develop regarding these priorities. This is a challenge but ot is also an opportunity for Malta. Lengthy preparations have been made”, said Commissioner Vella.

Commissioner Vella said Commission Members feel confident that Malta has prepared well for the Presidency.