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Eleanor Walker murder: brother says accused used to sell drugs

The compilation of evidence against Andrew Mangion, charged with the murder of his wife Eleanor Walker, resumed today in court with the testimony of the victim’s brother, Jack Walker.

Walker testified that Mangion used to deal in drugs. He stated that he had worked for 14 years in an entertainment establishment and that Mangion used to tell him to bring him people to buy drugs from him.

He said he lived in the same floor in an apartments block with Mangion, and that various people used to knock at Mangion’s door. He added that when Mangion was not at home, people used to approach him and inquire if he could provide them with drugs.

Walker admitted he used to abuse drugs, however he stated he was only a user and not a seller, and had successfully ended a Caritas programme.

Another witness was forensic expert Joseph Mallia who said that a piece of paper with blood on it, which was found on the victim, perfectly matched a notebook found in Mangion’s garage in Swieqi.

33-year old Eleanor Walker was found dead in a Qormi warehouse in July last year.