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Freezing temperatures sweep Europe, dropping to -30 degrees in some countries

In Athens, Greece,  antique monuments such as the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus were covered with snow, with many teenagers leaving their homes to throw snowballs against each other before the sun rises. Residents had to get out and scrape the snow which blocked their doors and covered their cars. The temperature which dropped to below zero led to the roads being closed. The authorities closed the schools in the capital and asked the residents to stay indoors because of the snow which fell overnight. The cold front has gripped the country for the last there days with meteorologists predicting that the cold weather will continue for at least another two days.

Meanwhile, the wave of extremely cold weather has continued to take the lives of more people in Central Europe, where the death toll has reached 25, especially in Poland. In some places the temperatures dropped to -30 degrees.

The worst hit were the homeless, with some of them dying in the roads of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thousands of immigrants who are stuck in Serbia are spending their nights in temperatures which are 20 degrees below zero. Without enough adequate centres, many people are sleeping in abandoned warehouses in Belgrade.