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PL says that Busuttil’s reaction is one of “sour grapes”

The Labour Party (PL) has described the reaction of the Leader of the Opposition as being one of “anger” and “sour grapes” which has caused him to attack the EU Commission’s decision to approve the new gas power station project because their decision did not fit in with his designs. The PL said that following this approval decision, Dr Busuttil now does not have a single valid argument yet he has continued to show his negativity because he does not want to acknowledge the successes being achieved by the country.

The PL’s statement said it is very clear the people are confident they will continue to enjoy lower energy prices as well as having cleaner air, together with that of the EU Commission, so much that the EU Commission’s Vice President Marcos Sefcovic, who is also responsible for the energy sector, said the project is an exemplary model that should be followed by other countries. Despite these, maintained the PL, the Leader of the Opposition cannot stand the successes being achieved by the country because he is mired in negativity.