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Mangion refuses to testify against the person allegedly accused of having helped him conceal his wife’s body

Andrew Mangion, who is accused of the murder of his wife Eleanor Mangion Walker, today refused to give evidence against the person being accused of having helped him by concealing his wife’s body in a Qormi warehouse. Mangion refused to give his testimony in the compilation of evidence of Kristyan Zekic which began this morning.

When Mangion was requested to give evidence he began stating he would not answer certain questions. The Magistrate replied that he was not in Court to give Mangion advice but to safeguard rights and to ensure the process of law. He pointed out to Mangion that he had a right not to reply and he requested him to make up his mind. Mangion replied he did not want to answer questions.

Zekic appeared in Court without the assistance of his main Defence Lawyer because he was caught up with other work in Gozo. Zekic is also accused of having breached his conditional release from arrest in connection with another case.

Witnesses who appeared in Court this morning included forensic experts Marie Therese Camilleri and Safraz Ali who testified the autopsy confirmed that Mangion Walker had died because of congealed head blood because her cranium had been smashed and her brain had been punctured. Dr Camilleri explained the wounds were the result of Mangion Walker having sustained blows from a blunt instrument.

There was a heated exchange in Court when Defence Counsel claimed that the Prosecution led by Police Inspector Keith Arnaud was trying to drag out the time for the hearing of the case. Defence Lawyers Dr Giannella De Marco and Dr Stephen Tonna Lowell said the Prosecution had arraigned persons in Court for no reason, such as the forensic experts. They maintained that the Defence had already agreed that Mangion Walker had died as a result of a criminal act and there was no reason for forensic experts to have to describe how she met her death. When an official from Identity Malta was arraigned to testify, the Defence stated that Zekic had been under arrest for six months but the Prosecution was still trying to establish his identity when the accused stood to face a maximum of a one year prison sentence. Defence Counsel once more exhibited its displeasure when a number of Police officials who today were due to appear in Court did not materialise because they were on other duties in connection with Malta’s EU Presidency.

Mangion Walker’s mother Josephine Mangion and Grezzju Micallef were also due to appear in Court today but the Prosecution decided not to arraign them and the Court excused this with the witnesses

Inspector Arnaud said that the witnesses being arraigned were all relevant to the case especially because some of them had found traces of Zekic’s DNA on the scene of the crime. Magistrate Ian Farrugia said that at the next hearing all the witnesses will have to appear because there will be no other opportunity for the presentation of evidence.