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Killer of nine persons in South Carolina church receives death sentence

Jurors in the trial by jury of 22-year-old American youth Dylann Roof, who in 2015 killed nine black persons when he opened fire in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, have decided that he should be given the death penalty. Roof was found guilty last month on 33 federal charges, including hate crimes. This after he was found guilty of committing the crime because of racism.

Roof never apologised in Court for the massacre, stating that he felt he had to carry out the attack. Addressing jurors in Court on Tuesday,  he told them he could not visualise any benefit if they did not put him to death. Jurors deliberated for three hours before deciding on the death penalty. After being sentenced, however, Roof stood up and told the Court he wanted another trial after choosing new lawyers. The Judge told Roof he did not advise him to go for this course of action, suggesting he sleep on it and re-think.  The Court is to hand down final sentence on Wednesday morning.