Current Affairs

Increase of 8.2% in hotel night occupancy during last Quarter of 2016

From an analysis carried out by the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) it has resulted that in the last Quarter of last year there was an increase in accommodation occupancy. When compared to the same period in 2015 the amount of nights spent by visitors in hotels increased by 8.2%. Five Star hotels registered an increase of 5.1%, Four Star an increase of 5.2% and Three Star, 5.4%.

Tony Zahra, the Association’s President, said that he had received an assurance from the Institute for Tourist Studies they will not be leaving their premises in St Julian’s until the new campus has been completed at Smart City. He was reacting to media reports that the Institute would have to vacate its current premises by the end of this summer.

Zahra, who was speaking during a presentation that reviewed the flow of tourism during 2016, said the country’s infrastructure is deteriorating and requires a new investment of €2 billion.

Regarding Air Malta, the MHRA President said that if the national airline were to be lost, Malta would lose its independent stature. He said the country could not be brought into a position where it would have to depend on foreign airlines because if the economy were to recede these airlines would leave Malta and resort to alternative strong economies.