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Mater Dei categorically denies that ‘flu patients requiring further treatment are being sent home

Mater Dei Hospital has categorically denied that an administrative directive was given that patients suffering from acute influenza symptoms and still needing further treatment be discharged from the hospital and sent home. This is in reply to what the hospital termed “a baseless statement” that appeared in the newspaper “In-Nazzjon”.

The hospital administration’s statement said that the health of its patients is given maximum importance and that every hospital employee whether a professor or a carer pursues a daily quest to ensure that every patient is afforded the best care and treatment possible, particularly when there is an increased influx of patients such as the seasonal ‘flu and the current cold weather. The statement continued that at no time was such a directive issued and the general public may rest assured that the discharge of patients is given solely by doctors and by nobody else.

The hospital’s administration said it is totally unacceptable that at such a delicate moment for Mater Dei Hospital its employees are placed under greater pressure by fictitious stories that cause public alarm without need.