Nestle’ says it will reduce sugar in its chocolate products by 40%

The Swiss giant food company, Nestle’, said it made a scientific discovery that will permit it to reduce sugar in its chocolate products without affecting their taste. The company, which manufactures Kitkat and Aero, said its researchers found a way to restructure sugar in different ways and use 40 per cent less.

Nestle’ added that it will retain the rights of the discovery and will start using the new sugar method in its products in 2018.

The company’s scientists managed to restructure the sugar levels in a way they dissolve more rapidly.

The technical head of the company, Stefan Catsicas, described the new method as a “revolutionary research”. It is difficult to generalize on the amount of sugar in chocolate as this varies from one product to another. However, in their majority, chocolate products contain 50 per cent sugar, some of which comes from the used milk. White chocolate may contain up to 60 per cent sugar.

Professor Julian Cooper, head of the Scientific Committee at the Food Science and Technology Institute, described the Nestle’ development as important. “This is good science. Many people have been longing to reduce the amount of sugar”.

However, he warned that this does not mean that people may eat more chocolate.