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Notary charged again with misappropriation of public funds

A former notary is facing new criminal proceedings on misappropriation of public funds and for failing to carry out his duties as a public officer. Pierre Falzon of St Paul’s Bay has been charged with failing to pass on to the authorities monies entrusted to him by his clients on a contract of sale.  The former notary, who had stopped practising in October 2015, had already faced similar charges last year.

Mario and Victoria Fenech gave evidence in Court this morning, stating that they had instructed the notary to draw up an act of transfer of property which they were considering purchasing in Naxxar. The couple had signed the contract, and all the parties had paid the legal expenses and also the notarial expenses.

When the couple heard that the accused had fallen foul of the law on a matter of misappropriation of public funds, they checked with the Tax Department regarding the contract of purchase, and found out that neither document tax nor capital gains tax had been paid.

Although the payments in question had been made by the couple, it was discovered that the notary had neither deposited the money with the respective Department nor registered the transfer of property. For this reason the couple filed a Police report.

Inspector Rennie Stivala prosecuted, and lawyer Lucio Sciriha appeared for the accused.

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