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PL: PN has still not denied that receipts issued to Sky Gourmet company – PN replies

Minister Owen Bonnici and MP Clifton Grima stated during a Labour Party media conference that the Nationalist Party has still not denied that receipts for donations by the DB Group have been issued to the Sky Gourmet company, despite the fact that this company does not advertise as it only supplies food to passengers on Air Malta. They said this continues to confirm that the invoices are illegal and false, as well as the falsity of Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

Minister Bonnici said Dr Busuttil was responsible for this scandal from beginning to end. Dr Bonnici said Dr Busuttil has been speaking about honesty and good governance for four years, but this case shows him up as being anything but an upholder of these qualities.

The Nationalist Party in a statement accused Minister Bonnici with falsity as it said that he is trying to mix things on purpose to neutralize the breach of law by the Labour Party. The PN said that Media.Link Communications’ commercial relation with companies that Silvio Debono is involved in was the programming of programmes.