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PL rejects meeting with PN commission on parties financing

The Labour Party said in a statement it did not accept the invitation of the Nationalist Party Commission on parties financing because it said the work of the commission is undermined by the person who appointed it, with reference to Nationalist leader Simon Busuttil because he created the secret ‘ċedoli’ scheme of fake invoices to turn around the parties financing law.

The Labour Party added that while he appointed this commission, Dr Busuttil is attacking the Electoral Commission which is the regulator of the law and also of the country’s independent institutions in an attempt to destroy the integrity and respect that it enjoys from everyone.

The Labour Party stated that if Dr Busuttil wants to be taken seriously with the appointment of this commission, he should first dissolve the ċedoli scheme and publish the fake invoices and declare any other income he might have and did not declare through this scheme or other similar ones.