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PN disappointed at European Commission’s decision to approve new power station

The Nationalist Party has expressed disappointment at the decision by the European Commission, which had earlier announced that it had approved the project for the new power station at Delimara.

In a reaction the PN said in a statement that such decisions are a slap in the face with regard to confidence in European institutions as, the statement adds, they go against what the people expect from Europe. .

The PN said Malta does not need a new power station as it already has enough electricity generation, and it can have cleaner air by purchasing electricity from the interconnector. The statement adds that besides, the cost to which Government is committing itself for the next 18 years is double the cost of electricity purchased through the interconnector. The PN said it had expected the European Commission not to approve this project as, it added, it could end up lining some pockets with commissions.

The PN concluded that for the European Union to regain the confidence of Europeans, it has first to understand what the people are feeling.