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Police Corps says it does not put down its dogs

The Commissioner of Police has clarified that, contrary to the impression that might have been given, the Police Corps does not put former service dogs to sleep.

Reacting to an article published on this site under the heading “All animals in disciplined corps will no longer be put down at end of service”, the Commissioner stated that:

Contrary to the impression given in the above-mentioned article, the Corps would like to clarify that as stipulated in Article 118 (1) (2) and (3) of the Police Act which has been in force since 2002, animals serving in the Corps will not be put to sleep unless contrary advice is given by a veterinary surgeon, and the Police Corps has been following this procedure for a long time.

Animals in service with the Police Corps, both dogs and horses, are given the best possible treatment in a manner compatible with their nature. When these can no longer provide service to the Corps they are handed over to some person or body who would be in a position to continue to treat them well. When this is not possible, the Police Corps will continue to look after and care for these dogs and animals in the best possible way until they die.