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Married man sends e-mail of aircraft hijackings to avoid holidaying with extramarital partner

Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna, a 32-year-old Indian, has been placed under arrest after sending a false e-mail alleging that an aircraft was about to be hijacked. He did this with the scope of avoiding having to travel on holiday with his partner as he is a married man and a father.

Krishna was arrested on Saturday after sending the e-mail on the same day. In his mail he pretended to be a woman who had heard six men discussing a plot to hijack aircraft from airports in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai on the following day. Mumbai Police informed security agencies to carry out intensive searches in the airports mentioned.

Later, investigators established the e-mail had been sent from an internet cafe’ in Hyderabad. This helped them to narrow their suspicions on one of the eight men who were being investigated. After studying security camera films, it was concluded that Krishna had sent the mail.