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What does the globe contain on Villa Bighi?

Around 30,000 people have visited the Esplora Centre in Villa Bighi in Kalkara since its opening three months ago. By the end of this month, a new attraction for the public will be added in the centre with the inauguration of the Planetarium, a structure in the form of a globe which includes a system for exhibitions on the universe.

The globe with a diametre of almost eleven metres resembles a meteorite which fell from the universe and ended up on the building. The Planetarium is equipped with the best technology for shows on the solar and universe systems. The Chairman of the Council for Science and Technology, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said that the majesty of the project is inside it and not on the outside of the globe.

“The interior experience. An experience of a state of the art planetarium of a big size, that is 55 people are accommodated in every show. One will have a full view of every show at the planetarium”, Dr Pullicino Orlando said.

The Planetarium will be inaugurated on the 28th of this month. Dr Pullicino Orlando said after restoration work on the building which holds the Planetarium, work is being carried out on the rehabilitation of the surrounding area of the Esplora centre, with plans that the building will be also accessible from the sea.

Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Chris Agius, described Esplora Centre as a big success, which is now a major attraction for the area.