First Holy Communion celebrated around Maltese islands

Holy Communion in Malta

It’s that time of the year again when 7 year old children step up and receive their first Holy Communion.

This is a quite respectful and important ritual for Catholics who decide to put forward their children for one of the most important sacraments.

Dressed in white, off white, or cream (the majority of boys in satin) the children will surely never forget this day after a full year or more of duttrina it’s time to receive Christ in the first Holy Communion.

For the Maltese families this event is considered as a big celebration with several parents forking out a great deal of money to dress up their children in the best and most expensive occasional clothes.

The Archdiocese of Malta has recently called on big spender parents asking them and explaining to them that the dress and material worn is the least important for the children on such a holy event.



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