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‘XplahhMalhajt’ is the upcoming kids TV programme of TVM based in an underground laboratory where two great scientists Dr. Xplahh (Chrysander Agius) and Profs. MalhaJt (Daniel Chircop) are kept busy by Miss Morra (Tiziana Calleja), a vane and harsh boss who threatens to hold the scientists down in their lab until they come up with the perfect formula, ‘the eternal life potion’. Dr.Xplahh is the impertinent leader behind the whole operation, implementing inventions and experiments in their final persual of the perfect formula. Profs.Malhajt is a more timid scientist focused on theories & mathematical equations. He is also an expert in history and crazily in love with Miss Morra, who drives him bonkers. Their lab is primarily driven by Blue Ray (Ian Fenech) the main computer, who has the incredible power of downloading anything they want through their sci-fi tube. Each 15 minute episode is full of action, drama, experiments, fun, sing-a-longs and loads of information. ‘XplahhMalhajt’ is Edutainment at its best.