3 pointer logo 2 new
3 Pointer
A whole season of local basketball is presented on 3-Pointer alongside news from the international scene. Features on foreign players in our leagues, both ma...
American Idol
No other show in TV history has proven to be a force in the entertainment industry like AMERICAN IDOL. AMERICAN IDOL solidified itself as the No. 1 televisio...
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Ancient Rome
The history of the first and greatest superpower This dramatised documentary series tells the story of the rise and fall of Ancient Rome through the six key...
animal-diaries new
Animal Diaries
Animal Diaries, produced and presented by well-known Moira Delia, is an educational programme about animal welfare. The programme will tackle animal behavior...
Balzan vs Hibs
Bang goes to the theory
Baroque Festival Press Conference
Baroque Festival
battle castle
Battle Castle
Six mighty castles. Six legendary sieges. Historian and popular presenter Dan Snow unravels the stories of six of the world's most famous castles, from Eu...
Beatifikazzjoni ta’ Papa Gwanni Pawlu II
who killed jesus
Bible Mysteries – Who Killed Jesus
This programme reopens the files on the trial of Jesus Christ and his horrific death by crucifixion, and examines what really happened in the style of a murd...
Bijografiji narrates the eventful lives of the well known and the random street fellow whilst captivating scholars and laymen alike. It is also a point of re...
BOV  Premier Match
BOV Premier Match
Returning to TVM2’s screens this season also: live and delayed top-pick matches from the BOV Premier League. Week by week, from the initial twelve-team line-...
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Champions League
The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s premier football competition for clubs returns to TVM2 for a second successive season. Seventeen matchdays in all, from t...
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Champions League Highlights
Champions League Magazine
Click reduces the digtal divide across our community and promotes e-inclusion amongst all ages. A team of experts led by Ray Abela, makes it easy to under...
dissett new
DISSETT - L-edukazzjoni fejn sejra? It-tibdil zgħir u kbir fis-sistema edukattiva ser jagħmlu differenza?Kif titqabbel is-sistema edukattiva f'Malta ma...
dot eu presents the latest news from Brussels and Strasbourg bridging the gap between Maltese citizens, the European Parliament and the European Commission. ...
CL photo
Draws – Champions league
Earth – The power of the planet
The story of our planet This landmark series uses specialist imaging and compelling narrative to tell the life story of our planet, how it works, and what m...
europa league new
Europa League
The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s premier football competition for clubs returns to TVM2 for a second successive season. Seventeen matchdays in all, from t...
europa league
Europa League Highlights
Extraordinary Women
Was it ever possible to 'have it all'? They seemed to have it all - glamour, power, wealth and adoration. Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Indira G...
European Justice
Funzjoni tal-adorazzjoni tas-Salib
gadgets new
Focusing on technological development, Gadgets features innovative gadgets and tests them against the skills of Ian Busuttil Naudi and Rachel Cachia.
GFAroundUP new
GFA Round up
GFA RoundUp features various leagues and competitions organised by the Gozo Football Association. It will also host Gozitan football clubs and past personali...
ghandi xi nghid logo-01 new
This programme is a weekly current affairs show, bringing viewers the most comprehensive and wide-ranging coverage of the big issues. This show will dig deep...
Ghawdex – Regjun fl-Unjoni Eworpea
Ghawdexillum new
Ghawdex Illum
Since its inception in October 1988, Ghawdex illum has regularly featured the sights and sounds of Gozo. History and architecture, arts and culture, customs ...
great romances
Great Romances
From the fairytale romance of the Prince and the showgirl, to the King who renounced his throne for love, to the dictator and his mistress who ended their li...
rsz_hadd_ghalik new
Hadd Ghalik
In its 7th season, Hadd Ghalik features two teams competing in a series of games and activities. Presented by Angie Laus, Hadd Ghalik is a family viewing lig...
history hunters_Page_1
History Hunters
Beyond Productions commissioned this title sequence for the kids TV show, 'History Hunters'. The program is 'a live action / animation factual entertainm...
Holy Mass
Holy Mass
A broadcast through which the Word of God is brought to people who cannot go outdoors including the sick, the elderly, the most vulnerable. The Holy Mass is ...
How Art made the world
waqtiet gimgha mqaddsa
Hsibijiet tal-Gimgha Mqaddsa
Kull gurnata matul din il-gimgha mportant ghalina l-Insara se jinqara l-Vangelu b'filmat mill-Art Imqaddsa, kif ukoll spjega tal-Vangelu tal-gurnata minn div...
caqqufa new
  Ic-Caqqufa Ninu jinkwieta kemm ghal ibnu Salvu u anki ghall-affarijiet ohra li qed jigru madwaru. Karla jkollha zjara mhux mistennija minghand Mat...
Invisible Worlds – Dinjiet Invizibbli
See the hidden realms that shape our world The human eye is a remarkable piece of precision engineering, but all around us is an astonishing and beautiful w...
It-tifkira soleni tal-Passjoni tal-Mulej mill-Isla
It-Triq presents short features about particular streets in the Maltese islands, helping  audiences appreciate details that they would not otherwise notice.
It-Triq tas-Salib
Il-mixja tas-salib hija harsa lejn kif il-fidi u t-tradizzjoni jimxu flimkien. Il-programm ihares lejn il-wirjiet tal-Passjoni li jintramaw fil-Gimgha Mqadds...
Jesus of Nazareth – Film
Jesus of Nazareth (Italian: Gesù di Nazareth) is a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries co-written (with Anthony Burgess andSuso Cecchi d'Amico) and di...
Journeys from the centre of the earth
The Open University and the BBC are taking viewers on a journey from the centre of the Earth to some of the world's top holiday hot-spots to uncover how the ...
katrina logo new
Fl-episodju li jmiss -   Juan mar ikellem lil Katrina biex jara għaliex kienet reġgħet waqfet tkanta. X’qaltlu u x’k...
KelmaghallHajja, a programme with a religious theme is presented by Fr Saviour Grima. Hosting various guests in studio, the programme aims to generate better...
kids detectives
Kids Detectives
A crime has been committed and the Kid Detectives are here to solve it! Join the gang as they become forensic super sleuths to solve mysteries big and small ...
kontrattakk new
Kurrenti Logo
Presented by Fr. Charles Tabone, Kurrenti will focus on everyday problems such as the difficulties of married life, the dilemmas of faith and spirituality, t...
L-irkant logo new
This programme exposes the process that takes place behind the scenes of an antiques auction, showing the value of research and evaluation in establishing th...
lab rats
Lab Rats
The challenges on the show are born from science experiments, such as guessing how many drops of water will fit on a twenty cent coin. Each episode's final c...
Lonely Planet – Best in Asia
Luxdesign is a home décor programme in which designers give the audience ideas and tips that they can apply to their own homes. Paul De Giorgio and Noel Bart...
Madwarna new
MADWARNA is a series of shorts presented by artist and TV veteran Salvu Mallia. Taking viewers on a journey around places of interest in Malta and Gozo, t...
Malta u lil Hinn Minnha feature
TVM2 is scheduling a daily feature selected from the award winning TV marathon programme Malta u lil hinn minnha. These features set out to portray the many ...
Malta u lill Hinn Minnha
Malta u lil Hinn Minnha will continue to provide audiences with a varied selection of high quality features which aim to bring out the best of the Maltese id...
An Art, Culture and Heritage documentative and review programme. Meander offers viewers a visually fast-paced and fresh format, with an encompassing approach...
Menu Banner 763 by 239
 MENU The knives are out as home-cooks battle it out to make the best MENU possible and serve it to the Chef ! It’s plate against plate, as two people w...
Merlin ser 02 new
Merlin is a young wizard who arrives in the kingdom of Camelot after his mother arranges for him to stay with the court physician, Gaius. When Merlin meets A...
Mixage new
Mixage is a music programme that presents a wide spectrum of features focusing on chart-topping music, golden oldies, Hollywood blockbusters, hot fashion new...
Mixja ta' Poplu
Mixja ta’ Poplu
Mixja ta' Poplu presents an analytical approach of the significance of Maltese independence, the making of a young republic, its commitment towards peaceful ...
MONSUNO...They hurtled through space eons before man existed... They burned through the planet's atmosphere and crashed into four corners of the world, b...
Mister fisherman logo new
Mr Fisherman
Aimed at family audiences, Mister Fisherman covers fishing in all its different aspects and technicalities. Professionals are juxtaposed to hobbyists in an e...
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Niskata new
Niskata is a lifestyle magazine programme dealing with common daily issues including nutrition, healthy lifestyle, education and social problems. This progra...
PAQPAQ lifestyle new
Paqpaq Lifestyle features classic and exotic cars, group tests and information about special cars, bikes and boats. It covers international events, interview...
Paqpaq Motor Sports
Paqpaq "Motorsport" will give a weekly round-up of Motorsport events that took place during the previous weekend and outline the events happening the followi...
paqpaq on test new
Paqpaq "On Test" is a weekly ten-minute programme that features two test-drives of the most recent models to arrive in Malta. It serves as a point of referen...
Planets – BBC Documentary
Updated and re-voiced to include discoveries from recent missions to Saturn and Mars, this remarkable series gives a unique insight into our solar system. Th...
Poppins 2 new
POPPINS - TONIGHT AT 21:50 on TVM - No matter how many years of experience you have down your sleeve, quieting down your children while throwing tan...
pure logo v14 white new
In each programme, three participants will compete in a quiz on food and drink, winning cash to spend in one of Malta’s leading supermarkets. Yet, with every...
Quddies tal-Ghid mill-Vatikan
Rajt Ma Rajtx Logo new
Brought to life through innovative filming techniques, Rajt ma Rajtx promises to invoke in viewers a sense of mystery and suspense as it relates stories of t...
Realta’ is based on various social and cultural realities within Maltese society. Featuring discussions and talks from various points of view, ensures that t...
reporter logo new
REPORTER  TONIGHT AT 18:55 ON TVM WITH A  REPEAT ON TVM 2 AT 22:15  -  Saviour Balzan is back with his hard talk programme Reporter. The programme will inclu...
Ruggers logo image new
Ruggers keeps you close to the local rugby action with all the details and news from the world of the oval ball. It allows audiences to follow their favourit...
san remo junior
San Remo Junior Malta
SanremoJunior is a well known Festival all over the world  organized by 'Societs Kismet srl. - Italy –   This is the  fifth  year that this festival is being...
In this WW II tragicomedy, famed Italian funnyman Roberto Benigni (The Monster) portrays Guido, who moves during the '30s from the country to a Tuscan town, ...
seven ages of britain photo
Seven Ages of Britain
The biography of a nation In an ambitious and fascinating series David Dimbleby reveals the seven great ages of British culture, uncovering and exploring ov...
New Sibtek Photo TVM
Featuring live entertainment, cheerful presentation, emotional stories and frequent surprises, Sibtek is set to be a dynamic show that will keep Saturday aft...
son of god
Son of God
This landmark documentary series uses the most up-to-date scientific and historical research coupled with the latest computer graphic technology to tell the ...
Sports Panorama is a new 90-minute production highlighting so-called “secondary” sport disciplines. It will showcase events from the world of handball, hocke...
Stabat Mater
Straboard LOGO
Starboard is a programme featuring local and international sea races from all over the world including the classic Middle Sea Race, the Sydney Hobart Race an...
Taht l-art
Taht l-art
Follow DJ Toby and professional diver Jason Fabri as they take on the challenge of exploring unusual - and at times dangerous - underground locations. Popula...
The Truth About Food
Good enough to eat This fast-paced science series attempts to answer the questions and bust the myths we hear about the food we eat every day. Witness convi...
Tigrijiet Biss
Tigrijiet Biss is a weekly horse racing programme that provides extensive coverage of the local horse racing as well as major events organized internationall...
TimesTalk_logo new
‪Tonight's subject - citizenship‬ Presented by Times of Malta, Times Talk promises to provide a deeper insight into the stories making the hea...
Featuring book reviews and interviews with authors, Tuffihat Migduma is presented by John Demanuele. The hidden stories behind the book covers will be relate...
tvam new
TVAM provides live news, sports updates and insights into developing stories each day. Newspaper scans and live transmissions complement early-morning debate...
Innovative and trendy, TVPM offers an assortment of features and stories set to delight audiences. Amongst other topics, TVPM will cover art and culture as w...
Twelid Il-Kelma
Twelid il-kelma
Focusing on the development of language, Twelid il-Kelma will explore the etymology of words and why they are lost in current culture and use. It examines th...
vallettailwientabelt new
Featuring 5 minute interviews with people from all walks of life, Waqtiet will be transmitted daily from Monday to Friday. Its aim is to encourage spiritual ...
World’s worst disasters
The full force of mother nature Using a mixture of rare archive footage and dramatic 3D animated reconstructions, this series shows what happens when natura...
xarabank new
Xplahh new
‘XplahhMalhajt’ is the upcoming kids TV programme of TVM based in an underground laboratory where two great scientists Dr. Xplahh (Chrysander Agius) and Prof...
ZAFIRA-1.-728x420 new
Nafu li Karim spara lil Mikhael u qatlu... x’ġara? U l-mobile għadu jċempel jew le? Micheline tgħid lil Anastasi li għandha ritratt ta’ Troy ma’ tfajla. Kif ...