Song – Tides of Illusion
Artist – Ylenia
Composer – Jason Cassar
Author – Mario Farrugia



Tides  Of  Illusion


Breaking walls of silence

Cold and solitary

They talk to me no more


Building my emotions

Watch them fall to pieces

I’ve been through this before


Playing with this madness

Is making me so restless

Killing me, myself and I



Tides of illusion

Are filling up my mind with confusion

I’m carried by these

Tides of illusion

Tides of illusion


Can you feel me

I’m forever drifting away

Never knowing

Why I’m being carried away


Shadows chasing darkness

Mesmerising voices

Out of a blinding light


Walking through the fire

Burning with desire

Love or hate I should let go






Ylenia is a 17 year old solo artist (29/12/1994) and music occupies most of her life. In fact, besides singing, Ylenia also plays the piano, and is fond of songwriting.  Her passion for music derived her to take the subject seriously and to dedicate her academic career to it. She currently is a 1st year student, at the University of Malta, reading a Bachelors of Art Degree in Music and History of Art. Apart from music, Ylenia appreciates Art, especially painting, which brings out her creative side.

Ylenia has a striking, unique vocal timbre and enjoys singing different music styles, which is reflected in her musical tastes. She performs various songs ranging from the upbeat songs of Shakira and Christina Aguilera to the ballades of Whitney Houston and Leona Lewis. She greatly admires Beyoncé as an artist as well as a performer. Ylenia started singing at a very young age, showcasing her talent both locally and abroad. She always engaged herself by taking part in anything involving music such as musicals, choirs and orchestral concerts.

Her solo career started in 2008 by submitting her first song: “I Can’t Live Without It” (meaning without music) in the Malta Junior Eurosong and ended up in 4th place. In 2009, she participated with the song: “My One True Passion” and she made it to 2nd place. Her entry “Shout It Out”, in 2010, qualified in 3rd place.  All of the three songs were written and composed by Ylenia herself.

The following year, in summer of 2011, Ylenia took part in a televised singing competition programme called “Don’t Stop Me Now”, broadcasted on TVM. She made it with the first 10 finalists and won the competition. This definitely was a highlight in her singing career. Ylenia also had the opportunity to sing in the local drama series “DejàVu” and to be the voice of three fundraising programme themes: “Il-Fqir” (The Poor Person), “Il-Missjoni” (The Missionary Work) and “Agħti Sehemek” (Be a Helping Hand), composed by Joe C. Aquilna.  Her recent appearance on television includes last year’s Malta Song for Europe.  She was the backing vocalist of the winning song ‘This is the Night’.

Watch and listen to her videos by visiting the following link: http://www.youtube.com/yleniavella

Find and like her page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yleniamusic