Education Minister appeals for flexibility until Skolasajf starts

The Minister of Education, Owen Bonnici, said that with the re-opening of child care centres a balance will be found between the protection of children’s health and the operation of…

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A 29-year-old Eritrean was found grievously injured after being stabbed by a sharp object in Msida. The accident happened yesterday at around 10pm last night in Triq ix-Xatt Ta’ Xbiex. The…

A 63-year-old man from Gudja is suffering from grievous injuries after he was involved in a traffic accident. Yesterday, at around 3.45pm, the Police were called for assistance in Triq…

CNN reports that George Floyd had the Coronavirus

CNN is reporting that George Floyd, the African American who was killed by the Police in Minneapolis, USA, was infected by the Coronavirus. Henneoin County, which carried out the autopsy…

Protests against killing of George Floyd reach London and Sydney

For the eighth consecutive night, many of the main roads in various American states were kept awake as the protests against the killing of George Floyd by a Police officer…

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