UPDATE (3): Man in critical condition following Magħtab collision

A 33-year old man is in critical condition after he was involved in an accident at Magħtab this morning. The Police said the accident occurred at around 9.00am at the…

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Prime Minister Robert Abela said that Malta’s stand on the European mission to fight arms trafficking towards Libya, known as IRINI, is still the same it was some weeks ago….

In a highly critical report on the Government’s contract with Vitals Global Healthcare for the management of three hospitals, Auditor General Charles Deguara said, inter alia, that he found evidence…

In Italy: Heavily fined for not wearing masks … and being naked!

It Italy’s Lombardy Region, six persons were each fined €3,000 after being caught by Police breaching several legalities. The six, all men aged between 43 and 68, were cooling off…

Spain study reduces hope of an immunity against Covid-19

A study in Spain has reduced the hope that people will be able to develop what is called as the herd immunity against Covid-19. This follows the finding that only…

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