10 Covid-19 positive persons were not found at home during Police inspections

Police and environment health officers’ enforcements on social distancing and on gathering of groups of not more than four persons in public resumed, with 1,200 persons caught breaching group gatherings during the past five weeks. On Sunday, a record of 124 persons were fined €100 each. Since the emergence of the pandemic, almost 90 other persons were fined after breaching the obligatory quarantine, including 10 persons who were positive to Covid-19 and were not found at home.

“It’s the police and the health inspector we are doing checks. Can you come out in the balcony please so we can see you?”

Administrative Law Enforcement Inspector Elliott Magro said their members carried out over 24,000 inspections in almost eight weeks.

“87 of the cases had breached the legal notice, 10 of them were positive and not found at home….the fine is €10,000. The other 77 were on mandatory quarantine but were not positive cases and were fined €3,000”.

During inspections on persons quarantined in homes, they even met persons caught outside. “We had cases that while checking at the residence, we saw them entering with shopping items. Or a person who took the dog for a walk around the block and he was also fined”, Inspector Magro added.

Inspections are carried out on a daily basis by thirteen different groups. Persons are also fined if they do not respond when they are supposed to be in quarantine. They are informed electronically, a copy is placed on the residence door. The Inspector said that a person may immediately pay the fine online or contest it before the tribunal.

ALE policemen are also patrolling public areas to monitor group gatherings.

1,197 fines of €100 after being caught in groups of over 3 persons

TVM on Saturday following inspections by police officers and environment health officials at Għajn Tuffieħa. No irregularities were noticed on the bay, however a sudden inspection near a kiosk in the Coast Road in Baħar ic-Ċagħaq, there was a group of persons gathered close to each other and were fined.

Inspector Magro said that 1,197 contraventions were issued to persons gathered in groups of more than three persons since the legal notice was enforced at the end of March will last Sunday. Group gatherings in bays and in the countryside are the most reported cases. He appealed to the public to cooperate with genuine reports.

Reports on regulations breaches may be filed with the Police on phone numbers 2294 4511 or 2294 4504.