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100 farmers to receive financial assistance following last year’s storm

The Government signed 100 contracts of financial assistance for farmers and herdsmen who suffered damages during the great Northeasterly storm in February 2019. The agreement was announced by Agriculture Minister, Anton Refalo, following an issue for applications from farmers and herdsmen to benefit from European funds.

While farmers are complaining with a lack of demand for products, consumers are paying high prices for agricultural products. Minister Anton Refalo, while recognising the situation, said that the Government cannot intervene to fix prices.

“One expects these things due to the prevailing crisis; these problems are created. I believe that the market should regularise itself and it is not the Government who should do this and fix prices”.

Dr Refalo stated that the closure of the farmers market due to Coronavirus had worsened the situation and now the Government is providing temporary licences to farmers to sell their products as street hawkers by observing a number of conditions.

Addressing a press conference, Minister Refalo announced that the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Payments will receive applications from farmers to benefit from the European Agriculture and Rural fund. Some 6,400 farmers will receive the applications and have to reply by the 17th April.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that Malta is allocating 129 million euro for environmental projects, through European co-financing.

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