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100 years since the birth Emvin Cremona – pioneer in design of Maltese stamps
Stamps have a specific yet ordinary function, although unless you happen to be a collector or a philatelist the likelihood is that these will go unnoticed.   Still, the stamps designed by Envin Cremona between the 50s and the 70s  are considered true works of art.
On Wednesday MUŻA will mark a centenary since the birth of a pioneer in Maltese stamp design with a public lecture. 
Malta has a collection of priceless works of art and a rich cultural heritage.  Some of these works from the 20th century can be credited to Ervin Cremona  who is considered one of the best local artists.  In the words of  MUŻA curator, Katya Micallef, Cremona  made a significant impact on the history of art in Malta.
“By all accounts, Emvin Cremona  was a great artist, praised as a student by his teachers, among whom was  Edward Caruana Dingli.  When he studied abroad he exhibited his works in Rome and even in parts of London. When he returned to Malta he was  persuaded to start working for the Church. “
Apart from his many works found in several churches in Malta, including Msida, Hamrun and at Ta’ Pinu, Emvin Cremona remains best known for the stamps he designed between 1957 and the early 1970’s.  
His daughter Anna Cremona said that the innovative work on the stamps was so internationally appreciated that once he even had a very attractive offer to go and work in the UK

“They asked Papà to make stamps for England,  i.e. to work as a designer for a large company and his work would involve just making and designing stamps.”

His other daughter, Sylvana Pace, said, “his stamps put Malta on the international philately map”.

The works of Emvin Cremona are also currently on exhibit at the UN in New York as well as at the World Health Organisation headquarter in Geneva.

Sylvana Pace said, “Papà left a lot behind him and I am proud to be his daughter.”

On Wednesday, Heritage Malta will be celebrating 100 years since the birth of this artist in a talk by MUŻA during which relatives and other artists will commemorate his memory as well as speak about aspects of his private life which are not that well-known.

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