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100 years since WWI commemorated with scale model exhibit at Maritime museum

Around 1000 models of airplanes, war tanks, motorcycles and cars are on display at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. During the activity, members of the scale modelers society who organized the exhibit were also showing members of the public how to patiently build their own models piece by piece.

This is the 37th annual exhibit by this society, with models which the 60 members of the society have created in their spare time. Apart from the exhibits, a number of members continued building their models made up of very small pieces, a task which requires care and a lot of patience.

Charles Cauchi said “this hobby takes up many long hours and when I get tired, I stop because otherwise I might lose a piece and you will never find it.”

The exhibit has as its theme the 100th anniversary from the end of WWI, and consists of model military airplanes, ships and even figurines, some of which were built by members of the society itself.  Those who spoke to this newsroom said that their hobby costs a lot of money because apart from the model kits, there are also expenses for the tools they use.  David Barbara who loves to build models of ships said that one ship can take years to complete.

David Barbara said, “a model such as this which is of a certain size and detail, can take a number of years.”

The President of the association, Alex Schembri, said that their work requires research for the models to be built with precision and an exact copy of the original in miniature. Mr Schembri enjoys building airplane models.

“I like to add more details to them than is included in the box, because I feel that when you exhibit a model it should include certain details to be as close to the real airplane as possible.”

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