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10,000 falsely claim they were victims of attack to obtain tickets to Ariana Grande concert

Around 10,000 people have falsely claimed that they were present at Ariana Grande’s concert when the terrorist attack took place at Manchester Arena, in order to obtain free tickets for the concert the singer will be giving to raise money for the victims. Although on 22 May, which was the day of the concert, there  14,200 people present, around 25,000 have applied for free tickets.

Apart from the 14,200 free tickets for those at the concert at the time of the attack, the organisers had made another 35,000 tickets available for the concert being held this Sunday. These tickets which were being sold at £40 each, were sold out in 20 minutes, with some of them then being sold on Ebay for around £200 each. Ebay however said that it was removing these tickets from its website so they cannot be sold. On its part, the organisers said that they are doing everything they can so that no one can sell any merchandise related to this concert for profit.

A total of £2 million is expected to be raised for the victims from Sunday’s concert which will include the participation of  Robbie Williams, Little Mix, Take That, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber.

The organisers said that they are doing everything they can to confirm who truly deserves to attend the charity concert on 22 May.