12 suspects arrested in Belgium during an anti-terrorism operation

Almost three months after the Brussels terrorist attacks, the Belgian police arrested 12 persons during a huge operation against terrorism.

The persons arrested, among a group of 40 who were interrogated, are suspected of plotting a terrorist attack. Anti-terrorist squads made searches in 16 municipalities, mostly around Brussels and raided 152 garages.

In March, bomb attacks had left 32 people dead at Brussels airport and at the metro station. The Belgian federal prosecutor said that no firearms were found during the raids held without any incidents.

Among the raided areas was Molenbeek, a Brussels district that became known due to its association with jihadists. The operation was carried out following investigations that showed the immediate need for intervention. However, the Belgian government did not raise the alert level.

It was also reported that recently the Belgian police received warnings that militants from the group calling itself the Islamic State left Syria on their way to Europe to plan new attacks in Belgium and France. It is being reported that the group left Syria a week and a half ago aiming to enter into Europe from Turkey and Greece on boats and without passports.