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UPDATED: 150 fined after breaching COVID Regulations at Ħamrun – organisers also fined

Police together with Public Health Officials have issued 150 citations to persons who on Thursday evening breached COVID Regulations while celebrating celebrations in Ħamrun. This followed when Ħamrun Spartans were crowned as Football Champions for the eighth time in their history.

In response to a number of questions by, a Spokesperson for the Health Ministry said the Police and the Health Inspectorate had taken action against breaches, including those by the organisers and establishments at Ħamrun.

A Spokesperson said the organisers have been fined and actions taken against establishments that had breached the procedures.

Earlier a Police Spokesperson told that its Officials are still investigating videos and more persons will be issued with citations because groups cannot congregate more than six persons and if the group exceeds two persons, masks have to be worn.

Ħamrun Spartans were yesterday crowned football Champions in a special ceremony at the Victor Tedesco Stadium and the club was presented with the BoV Premiership Trophy for season 2020/21.

The supporters could not attend the ceremony; however, many got together in Ħamrun to celebrate the club’s achievement.