Thirteen immigrants file Judicial Protest claiming breach of rights when they were not allowed to land in Malta

Thirteen Eritrean immigrants, all resident in Tripoli, have filed a Judicial Protest and have requested damages in allegations that their Human Rights were breached last April when they were not allowed to disembark in Malta and were sent back to Tripoli.

The Judicial Protest signed by lawyers Dr Borg Olivier and Dr Evelyn Borg Costanzi was against the Prime Minister, the Minister for Internal Affairs, the AFM Brigadier and the Attorney General.

The immigrants are alleging they were the victims of a pushback to Libya during a rescue operation coordinated by the Maltese Authorities involving a fishing vessel flying the Libyan flag that left Malta after instructions by the Maltese Authorities.

The immigrants are maintaining they suffered severe and mental difficulties to the extent that some immigrants on the dingy with them died before rescue took place. They are further maintaining they had certificates sustaining their asylum status but on their return to Libya they were placed in a detention centre. They are claiming they were thus deprived by the Maltese Authorities from exercising their rights to stage a claim for asylum.