13 paintings brought over from Italy to be exhibited at MUŻA

Heritage Malta is mounting an exhibition of international calibre at MUŻA and has managed to obtain the loan of 13 paintings attributed to artists of international fame including works inspired by renaissance painters Raffaello, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as well as Baroque and Rococo works influenced by Giovanni Baglione, Claude -Joseph Vernet and Francois Boucher.

The paintings are owned by a private collector in Genoa in Italy and have been permitted to be on exhibition at MUŻA to the end of October but Heritage Malta has also managed to borrow the paintings for exhibition on a permanent basis for five years with the possibility of extending these to ten years.

The Main Curator at Heritage Malta, Kenneth Cassar, said the purpose of the exhibits is based on technical and scientific appraisals by experts and professionals that were engaged by the collector.

He said that viewers will be able to appreciate their basic concepts, their lines and colours, light and symbolism, to appreciate their basic composition.

The Executive Head of Heritage Malta, Noel Zammit, said the exhibition should have been mounted last year but was disrupted by the pandemic but is now being made available for viewing free of charge by the public, including tourists.

He said this is the first time that paintings of such calibre have been acquired of artistic works attributed to Raffaello, Rubens and others and this means Heritage Malta has reached its mission of accessibility.

The Executive Director of Heritage Malta, Mario Cutajar, said such exhibitions will continue to enhance the country’s reputation and enable the community and tourists to appreciate such works as well as to attract cultural tourists.

The Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Councils, José Herrera said arts offer new possibilities and thus such renowned painters may be appreciated by the public whereas they previously locked away.

The MUŻA exhibition will also offer an unique experience because the majority of these excellent works have never been exhibited. Each painting will be accompanied by an audio-visual presentation explaining its attributed.

Besides being open to the end of October, the exhibition will also be visually accessible on the official MUŻA website.