14 new cases of Covid-19 in Malta, seven others recover

14 new cases which have resulted positive for Covid-19 have been confirmed today after 1,321 swab tests were carried out yesterday.

During today’s medical bulletin, Public Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci also stated than another seven patients have been declared as having recovered, which brings the total number of recovered persons up to 443 so far.

The total number of positive cases in Malta stands at 522, of which 73 are still active.

The new cases include a 58-year-old health worker who works at St Vincent de Paule, and who started experiencing fatigue, throat problems and a nasal drip on 12 May. Contact tracing is being carried out among patients and staff.

Another health worker, a 28-year-old Maltese male who is on the staff at the ENT ward at Mater Dei, also tested positive for Covid-19. The workers had contact with another case and was already in quarantine. The man started experiencing headaches, coughing and diarrhoea on 10 May, and last worked on 8 May.

Another health care worker, a 49-year-old Maltese female, developed cough and fever symptoms after being in contact with another health care worker who had tested positive, in the same ward. the fourth health care worker who also tested positive is a 38-yer-old male who started showing symptoms on 13 May.

A 37-year-old Maltese woman had been in contact with a health care worker who had resulted positive for Covid-19 in the past days. The woman had already been quarantined when she started feeling headache symptoms on 13 May and was found to also be infected with the virus.

A 23-year-old male Sudanese national who is being treated at Karen Grech Hospital was found to be infected with Covid-19 through random testing. The man had not shown any symptoms. An 84-year-old elderly man who was also recovering at Karen Grech likewise did not show any symptoms and resulted positive for the coronavirus.

The other seven cases are community-related, and the authorities have had no contact with them.

These include two cases who tested positive after going to the Emergency Department for other issues and undergoing precautionary tests. These are a 44-year-old Italian male and a 32-year-old Maltese female. Both had not shown symptoms of Covid-19.

A 33-year-old man, who asked to be tested, also did not show any symptoms and resulted positive. A risk assessment is being carried out at his workplace and with his family.  A 31-year-old vulnerable man likewise did not show symptoms and resulted positive for Covid-19,  and is now being detained at Mater Dei Hospital for observation.

The other three cases all showed symptoms. A 27-year-old Maltese man suffered from diarrhoea and tested positive for Covid-19. The man had been working from home, and contact tracing is underway with his family. Another 54-year-old man started feeling symptoms of fever, diarrhoea and stomach ache on 11 May. Regarding this case, the health authorities are carrying out contact tracing with his family and his workplace. A 27-year-old Macedonian woman started feeling headache, diarrhoea, nausea and muscle pains on 9 May. The woman was not working.

Professor Gauci stated that two patients are being kept at Boffa Hospital, four other patients at St Thomas Hospital, one patient is at Mater Dei Hospital and three others at Karin Grech Hospital.

More details to follow. You can follow the conference below: