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15-month sentence for persisting in annoying former partner

A man has been sentenced to fifteen months behind bars after admitting to continuing to annoy his former partner, even after the Court had ordered him not to approach her.

31-year-old Clifford Gatt Baldacchino, a former footballer with the Maltese national team, had been charged with committing these crimes on 28th August, when he had used electronic equipment in order to frighten and annoy his former partner.

All this was carried out within less than six days after he had been given a suspended sentence by the Court and had been ordered not to approach the woman.

This fact had been taken into consideration by the Court in reaching a decision. The court, Magistrate Ian Farrugia presiding, also considered the fact that the crime is a serious one and falls within the parameters of domestic violence legislation.

Gatt Baldacchino was accordingly handed down a nine-month sentence and fined 1,000 euro, after the previous month’s suspended sentence had been changed to a six-month sentence. Accused was also ordered not to approach his former partner for a five-year period.