1,500 students to participate in the MCAST apprenticeship scheme

The Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici, together with MCAST Principal and CEO Prof Joachim James Calleja, have launched a new call for companies to increase the number of apprenticeships offered in 2021 at MCAST.

Minister Bonnici announced that, from next year, about 1,500 students will be participating in apprenticeships.

Minister Owen Bonnici said that; “This government has always believed that apprenticeships are crucial in delivering the skills individuals and the economy need to thrive, particularly as we work towards the post-pandemic economic recovery. We are committed to keep offering opportunities to young people from all backgrounds and incentives to employers to get involved. It is encouraging to know that more than 500 companies have pledged their commitment to offer apprenticeships to MCAST students, and we need to keep working with industry on the skills needed in the present and in the future.”

Prof Calleja said that; “Apprenticeships are an efficient way for employers to recruit talent while offering training programmes that include both technical learning and much-needed work-based learning skills. Research increasingly shows that apprentices increase productivity and lead to improvement within companies. Our students bring enthusiasm and innovation to the workplace. I appeal to all companies, including SMEs, to join us as we continue to champion a culture of work-based learning.”

MCAST offers apprenticeship posts in sectors such as finance, business administration, marketing, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, agriculture, construction, applied science, design, hairdressing, beauty and sports.

The launch activity included the participation of business leaders and students who shared their experience on how the knowledge and talent of apprentices helped companies to bridge skills gaps.

Employers who are interested in registering as industry partners can contact MCAST’s department for apprenticeship on [email protected]