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16 entertainment establishments issued with warning to observe regulations

During the past four days, since new regulations on mass events were announced, a warning letter has been issued to sixteen entertainment establishments by the Tourism Authority enforcement section, which is responsible to monitor places that are following protocols and licence conditions.

The Authority’s chief executive, Johann Buttigieg, was speaking with TVM in the wake of an informative meeting held with the entertainment industry operators, in which he emphasized the importance that both workers and the public feel safe when they gather in these places.

During the meeting organised by the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Chamber and the Tourism Authority, the new regulation for events of over 100 persons were explained. These include community events, concerts, festivals, conferences, exhibitions and weddings among others.

The Vice President of the SMEs Section, Philip Fenech, said that businesses and the industry are eager to adapt according to the new protocols regulating mass events. He stated that there is certain concern with the Chamber arguing that one method cannot be used for every type of business. He added that this information meeting assisted to address this concern.

“Everyone understands the responsibility of some complacency or that one may be damaging other businesses and the tourist product. So, this meeting was positive in the sense that everyone will try to do his best to adhere to these conditions”.

The new regulations provide that all those who organise events of over 100 persons have to fill a form and follow specific regulations to ensure that, among others, social distancing is kept and reduce the possibility of Covid-19 spreading. Tourism Authority’s Johann Buttigieg said that those offering a service have to understand that the authority has also to address the psychological aspect and that one feels safe when the person attends a particular event.

“Together with the Health Department, we will see that protocols will enter into force and are actually adhered to by the industry. This will permit persons attending establishments to feel safe and even the same workers of the place feel safe so that we will ensure that everyone enjoy themselves with the safest possible way”.

Mr Buttigieg said that those who intend to organise an activity have to observe standards included in the document and are aware of their obligations and responsibilities. Since the announcement of the new mass events regulations, he said there were sixteen places who were issued with a warning letter by the MTA’s enforcement section. Mr Buttigieg added that people are encouraged to see that an MTA certificate is placed on the outside of the establishment.

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