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16 volunteers will defy the elements to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Toward the end of the year 16 volunteers will defy the elements to climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The scope behind the feat is a noble one, that of collecting funds for social and educational projects in Ethiopia.

The team of youths tackling this 13th edition of the Kilimanjaro Challenge has been in training since March and will fly out to Tanzania at the end of the year. They will spend eight days on the Kilimanjaro expedition and then proceed to Ethiopia to inaugurate a Primary School at Bonga.

During a media conference, Austin Cachia, one of the organisers of the Challenge, said the school will have two storeys and a total of 12 classes. He said that the Bonga village previously did not have a Primary School.

Austin Cachia said the organisers of the Challenge have always believed that education is the key to the reduction of poverty, the lifeline for children and people to emerge from poverty and enjoy a daily meal. He said the school will be for children aged between seven and 12 and in all will take 450 children, boys and girls.

This year’s challenge is to collect €100,000. Keith Marshall, the founder of the Kilimanjaro Challenge, said the projects over the last 12 years were successful on the part of volunteers and the funds collected for projects.

He said the Challenge has led to the collection of over €820,000 that have gone toward the building of a school and a home for 100 children with special needs, a clinic and four schools in different villages in Ethiopia.

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