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17 more people test positive for Covid-19 in Malta

Since yesterday 17 people have been tested positive for Covid-19.

This was announced by the Superintendent of Public Health Profs Charmaine Gauci in today’s press briefing.

This takes the total amount of cases up to 107, two of which were successfully treated.

304 tests were carried out yesterday and of those that tested positive, 10 of which were travel related while 7 others were locally transmitted.

Professor Gauci said that the number is expected to increase and that the aim is to keep the situation under control through the measures announced by the Government and the assistance of the public.

10 travel related cases

She explained that of the 17 who tested positive, 10 were travel related and that these should now decrease since travel had been stopped completely.

Of the 10 people infected, there is a 61 year old Maltese woman who did not travel herself but who was in contact with a travel-related group of people.

Among these is a 19 year old who travelled to North Italy who was in quarantine and whose symptoms manifested on the 19th March.

A 56 year old Maltese woman who travelled overseas is also infected. She did not come into contact with anyone apart from her family.

A 56 year old Englishman started feeling symptoms as soon as he returned from abroad. Professor Gauci said that contact tracing was being carried out with all other passengers who were on the same flight and that other than that, he only had contact with his family.

An Italian couple 32 and 30, who live in Malta went to Madrid returning on the 10th March whereupon they manifested symptoms.

Among the 10 people infected, there is also a 28 year old Maltese man who lives in the UK and who came to Malta when the travel ban was announced. He was in quarantine and did not expose anyone else to the virus. Contact tracing of all passengers on the flight is being carried out since he was already displaying symptoms when he was on the aeroplane.

A 60 year old Irish woman who is resident in Malta was travelling overseas. She returned to Malta on the 14th March after which she started to display symptoms She was in mandatory quarantine.

Among those infected is a 56 year old Maltese who did not travel but who came into contact with another person who had travelled.

A 40 year old Maltese started feeling symptoms on the 16th March. He came into contact with two family members who had tested positive for the virus.

7 cases of local transmission

Of the 7 local transmission cases, there is a 32 year old Maltese healthcare worker and a 34 year old Maltese man who started displaying symptoms on 16th March. Contract tracing is being carried out at his place of work and among his family members.

A 38 year old Ukrainian who lives in Malta started displaying symptoms on 22nd March. She came in contact with another foreigner on her place of work.

A 52 year old Maltese woman who did not come into contact with anyone with symptoms is infected with the virus and the necessary contact tracing is being carried out.

There are 3 related cases of a 14 year old girl, a 49 year old woman and a 21 year old man which are linked to another case which had previously tested positive.

Gepostet von Television Malta am Montag, 23. März 2020

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