17 new cases of Covid-19 in Malta

The Superintendant for Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci, said the spread of the coronavirus in Malta has now entered a new phase as 40% of the new cases are the result of the local transmission of the virus.

A further 17 persons from yesterday noon have tested positive to the virus, ten of the cases being travel related.

She said that travel related cases will now begin to decline as all flights have been stopped but the fight will continue to contain local transmission.

Six men and four women contracted the virus from travel connections with their ages varying from 18 to 73. These include Maltese persons but also foreigners including a Swede, a Hungarian and a Finnish person.

Seven other cases are three women and four men, mainly Maltese who contracted the virus from local transmissions and with their ages varying from 28 to 74.

In the light of these local transmissions, Professor Gauci once more appealed to the general public to follow the directives that have been issued.

She said that the more contact between people, the greater risk of contracting the symptoms and even experiencing light symptoms may already mean having contracted the virus.

During the same media conference, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Dr Chris Fearne, said despite the fake news that did the social media rounds, so far there has not been a death from COVID-19 in the country and he appealed that rumours should not be bandied about because the authorities will continue to give the correct updates on developments.

Dr Fearne said that in recent days further arrangements have continued to be made at Mater Dei Hospital to cope with the eventuality that the virus spread will increase. He said testing has been increased and a new testing centre has been established. The Deputy Prime Minister said that private hospitals are cooperating as well as Steward Healthcare. He said a number of patients are recovering in private hospitals.

Gepostet von Television Malta am Sonntag, 22. März 2020

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