170 submissions for Mużika Muzika festival : 20 songs will ultimately be selected

Festivals Malta has received 170 submissions for the selection of the best 20 songs for the Music Festival that will take place on the last weekend of March next year. Preparations are underway for this festival to be held for the second year in a row in collaboration with the Public Broadcasting Services.

Applications for the second edition of the Music Festival have now closed. The Chairman of Music, Raymond Bugeja, said that this year there was expected to be an increase in applications after the success of the first festival last year.

“I am pleased to announce that we have had 170 submissions which is a sharp increase on the submissions we had last year.”

The process will now move to another phase for these songs to be evaluated by a jury and from these, 35 songs will be selected. The Director of Festivals Malta, Annabelle Stivala, explained that after this process, the live auditions will begin in front of a different jury, for the finalists to be chosen for next year’s festival.

“Finally we will select 20 songs to participate in this second edition. It is also worth mentioning that this time we will have ‘The Journey Continues’ – a television program on PBS where there we have selected 7 singers between 16 and 21 years old and we will choose a singer to participate in Musika Muzika 2022. ”

These processes will continue until March when the three-day festival will be held. The Chairman of Festivals Malta, Norman Hamilton, said that the first edition of Musika Mużika was watched by more than 320,000 viewers.

“It was successful because it was accepted by the protagonists of the Maltese Song Festival and also by the TVM audiences. Musika Mużika is here to stay and the next edition is on the 24th, 25th, 26th of March next year . ”

Mużika Mużika is being held in collaboration with PBS.