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18-month sentence for dangerous and careless driving

57-year-old Marius Camilleri of Qormi has ended up with an 18-month prison sentence after the Court found him guilty of dangerous and careless driving.

The case goes back to January of 2018, when Camilleri was caught on video footage driving a truck in a dangerous manner on a main road.

The Court stated it could not ignore the fact this was not the first occasion Camilleri had ended up in trouble with the law, particularly in connection with road and driving issues.

Camilleri was found guilty of driving an unlicenced truck, driving in a dangerous manner, exceeding the permissible speed limits, and giving false particulars to Police officers.

Accused was also prohibited from driving for a two-year period which comes into effect after he serves his prison sentence.

Camilleri is known to the Police, and has two suspended prison sentences.

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