19 PN MPs within Parliamentary Group: All decisions are taken in the interest of the PN and the country

The 19 MPs that make up the PN Parliamentary Group said that the interests of the members of the Party and the country were foremost in their decision making process.

The jury is still out on what direction the President of the Republic will take on whether or not Dr Adrian Delia will remain Leader of the Opposition, or if somebody else will replace him. Meanwhile, in a statement, the 19 MPs said that they were sending a message of encouragement to those who had always lent their support to the Nationalist Party and to all Maltese and Gozitans of good will.

The statement went on to say that in recent days they had seen thousands of people with renewed hope that the Nationalist Party could be led by a person who represents the principles and values ​​that over the years had made the country democratic, modern and European. The nineteen parliamentary group members said that they were also seeing, hearing and feeling a sense of concern among card-carrying members about the situation that the Nationalist Party was going through. They claimed that every decision they took and all future decisions would always put the interests of these same cardholders, of the party and the country first. They went on to say that they would continue to insist on strengthening the Nationalist Party and making it a formidable and strong Opposition for the country.

The 19 Parliamentary group members said that they had full faith that the mechanism provided for by the Constitution would result in Therese Comodini Cachia being appointed by the President as Opposition Leader according to the group’s unanimous choice.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s parliamentary sitting is eagerly anticipated while the Nationalist Party is due to convene its Executive Committee on Tuesday. The President is guided by Article 90 of the Constitution and all decision are based on this article of the law.