20 more vaccination centres against COVID-19 to open on Wednesday

As from next Wednesday another 20 vaccination centres against COVID-19 will open which, combined with the ten existing ones will  bring the number of centres throughout Malta and Gozo up to 30.

This was stated by the Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne during TVAM.

During the interview, the Health Minister said that non-medical front liners will start being inoculated from Thursday, including those who work with the Army, the Civil Protection Department and the Police.  Dr Fearne explained that the rate at which we receive the vaccine will  remain constant throughout the month of February.

Speaking about the daily number of cases, Dr Fearne said since we had a number of cases which increased during the festivities, today we are still feeling the impact of this ripple effect.

Will we need a third dose?

Asked whether we will need to have a third dose of the vaccine, Dr Fearne said that to date there is no evidence that a third dose is needed, however we cannot exclude this and we cannot say how long the vaccine will remain effective. For this reason, Dr Fearne said he wrote to the European Commission so that just as Europe obtained the vaccine in a collective way, it will start working now in case a booster shot will be required.

During the programme the Health Minister also replied to questions about the current situation between the EU and AstraZeneca.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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