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UPDATED: The PN receives five nominations for three posts; petition for Adrian Delia’s future to be discussed

The Nationalist Party has announced it has received five nominations for three vacant posts in its sectors.

The position of President of the Administrative Council will be contested by Graham Bencini and Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici. The President of the Executive Committee will be contested by Graziella Attard Previ and Alex Perici Calascione. The elections will take place during an Executive Committee meeting to be held on the 4th July. For the post of Treasurer, there is only one nomination, that of Charles Selvaggi.

Meanwhile, a petition has been presented so that within a week the PN convenes the General Council to discuss the future of Party Leader Adrian Delia among reports that a petition is being raised calling for support for De Delia.

An Executive Member and ex-PN candidate Ivan Bartolo formally forwarded a request that the PN within a week convenes the General Council to discuss a motion regarding Leader Adrian Delia. The request is contained in a petition signed by 200 PN activists, including Councillors.

Together with four other PN Members, including former Executive Committee President, Mark Anthony Sammut, Bartolo said the question in the Council should be whether Party Leader Adrian Delia should shoulder responsibility and resign after the results obtained by the PN in the Euro Parliament and Local Councils elections.

Bartolo stated this is not a matter of cliques or factions as being conceived in the minds of people. He said they are not in any faction or clique. He expressed concern that if nothing is done there is a situation of the country becoming a one Party state. He said the petition was not signed by any PN MP because these are discussing the situation in their Parliamentary Group.

This development took place amidst media reports that Dr Delia’s supporters are putting together a further petition maintaining the Party Statute stipulates that a General Council vote can only take place after a General Election.

Asked by TVM what will happen if the petition request is not met by the General Council, Bartolo said if that happens then even in this body there is no democracy. Sammut said that PN Statute provides that on the request of 150 Councillors, the Council should meet and decide on the proposal made.

The President of the General Council, Kristy Debono, told TVM that the process of verifying the signatories has commenced and after that the Statute will be followed.

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