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21 countries vote in European Parliament elections

Millions of voters from 21 European Union countries today voted in the fourth and last day of the European Parliament elections for the 751 Euro Parliamentarians that will serve in Parliament during the the next five years. The initial results will be announced shortly after eleven pm once the the last polling stations in Italy close.

While the outcome of the Maltese result is more or less known and will be officially confirmed after the voting closes in Italy, we are still waiting for the final results of the 27 other countries that voted in the European elections during the last four days.

On average there has been a rise in the number of voters when compared to five years ago when 42.6% voted. Among the 21 countries voting today, by noon there was an increase in the number of voters in some of the largest countries including Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

In certain countries the elections are being seen as a government barometer, including in France where President Emmanuel Macron is hoping for a convincing victory over the extreme-right party led by Marine Le Pen. Political observers have said that a victory for Macron would strengthen his position in the European Union.

In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s Lega Party is expected to win the election and will join a new European Alliance in the European Parliament.

In Spain, the European Parliament elections must give way to the establishment of a new government after last month’s inconclusive elections won by the socialists without obtaining a majority.

A result is also expected in Austria after the crisis suffered by the coalition government in recent days, and tomorrow Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will face a no confidence vote in Parliament.

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