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21 new cases of Covid-19 in Malta – and another 54 recoveries

The health authorities have announced that 21 persons have tested positive for Covid-19 in Malta over the past 24 hours after 2,326 swab tests were carried out.

The authorities also announced another 54 recoveries from the virus, pushing up to 2,358 the number of persons who have recovered from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 2,979 persons have been identified as positive for Covid-19 since March, of which 590 cases are presently still active.

The health authorities added that the new cases are still being investigated.

Meanwhile, in reference to the 29 cases identified yesterday, eight cases were family members of previously known cases, one case was of a work colleague of a previously known case, one case was from social gatherings with other positive cases, and two cases were imported.