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23 people dead as a result of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, hurricane Dorian continued to cause more devastation and leave more victims, with the death toll now reaching 23. The authorities are expecting the number of victims to continue mounting by the thousands. They have sent more rescue crews and body bags to the island of Abaco, which was the worst hit by this hurricane.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, the powerful hurricane has managed to destroy a large part of the northern Bahamas and is now heading towards South and North Carolina, with the forecast being that it is finally slowing down.

On the island of Abaco in Grand Bahama, hundreds and possibily thousands are still reported missing.

The strength of the hurricane was that of category 5, with winds reaching a velocity of 185 miles an hour.

Because of the hurricane the island of Abaco is no longer habitable, with corpses being piled on top of each each, and there is no water,  electricity or food. According to the UN, around 76 thousand people require humanitarian aid.

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