237 kgs of chewing tobacco seized from 3 different shops situated in Msida and Ta’ Xbiex

 Over the last hours, Enforcement Personnel from the Customs Department seized 268 packets of chewing tobacco weighing 237 kgs in total, from two shops in Msida and another shop situated in Ta’ Xbiex, following inspections held at various outlets in the are Smokeless tobacco is banned in Malta and most of the Member States of the European Union. As per Malta’s legislation, no person may import, manufacture, prepare, store, keep for sale, sell or supply by way of compensation or otherwise any smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco means tobacco promoted or intended for dipping, sniffing, chewing or other form of consumption by mouth, and includes moist snuff with or without any flavour added to it, dry tobacco snuff and chewing tobacco, and also includes any preparation containing such items.

Meanwhile, during Customs searches conducted at Luqa area, Customs Enforcement personnel seized another 3 kgs of chewing tobacco, together with contraband cigarettes and alcoholic beverages from a Luqa greengrocer.