24 hours for two months to protect turtle nest in Golden Bay

During the past days, a number of volunteers joined forces to guard turtle nests on the beaches in Malta and Gozo – one of them at the popular Golden Bay.

Speaking with Angelique Lofaro, secretary of Nature Trust organisation stated that when the news came that a turtle had laid eggs in Golden Bay, she immediately contacted a number of volunteers with the aim of protecting the nest and witnessing the hatching process within another few weeks. Ms Lofaro explained how she managed to locate the nest after almost six hours.

Source: Nature Trust

Asked about the protection of the nest in Golden Bay, Angelique Lofaro stated that some 74 volunteers are guarding the nest with three-hour rosters. Among others, she said that the volunteers work includes the flattening of the sand around the nest to see that there are no traces of animals that may endanger the nest. They also ensure tranquility in the bay.

If you also want to assist Nature Trust or want more information, you can send an email here.

Meanwhile, members of the public are encouraged to immediately contact the organisation Nature Trust or the Environment and Resources Authority ERA in case one notices similar nests.

The Ramla l-Ħamra turtel nest in Gozo. Source: Sent to Nature Trust