24 mothers choose life over abortion

The LifeNetwork Foundation has helped in the birth of 24 babies in the last year and a half, without whose help these mothers may have had abortions. At the home “A Mother’s Embrace (Tghannieqa ta’ Omm), the Foundation helps girls who are struggling with their pregnancy to choose life over abortion. The Government has donated € 130,000 to this house over the next three years.

During the past year and a half, 24 babies were born thanks to the help that LifeNetwork Foundation has given to mothers who were going through a hard time and who were thinking about having an abortion.

This, after the Foundation opened the home in question, from where it provides its services. The Chairperson of the Foundation, Dr Miriam Sciberras, said that in addition to helping 5 girls who lived there and had babies, the Foundation also helps women who are going through a pregnancy crisis with their support services.

“We not only help women in this home but through our lifeline we also help every women who are going through a pregnancy crisis, who receive a negative diagnosis and would like someone to hold their hand, and we also help women who have unfortunately had an abortion and want to recover from the trauma of abortion. Lately we had many calls of course even during this Covid crisis because even foreign girls wanted our help. I would like to say that our story is a very beautiful one because in the absolute majority of the cases, these women chose their baby.

The Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity, Michael Falzon, said that the Government was giving the Home a grant of € 130,000 for the next three years to continue with the services they provide. He explained that this is one of 48 social agreements that the Government had made in this field which in total amounted to € 17 million.

“It is our duty to help everyone in society. It is something we enjoy doing. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference for the better in our society and we believe that such a union is one that it is important and deserves state aid. ”

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection Deo Debattista said one to two mothers a week go abroad to have an abortion. He said that while he does not judge anyone, he is pro-life and therefore argued that such life-saving homes were a great achievement.