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25% of Maltese may suffer from a weak heart in 10 years time

Mater Dei’s Cardiology Department believes that in 10 years’ time up to 25% of the population may suffer from a weak heart.

Cardiologist Dr Robert Xuereb told TVM that there are over 8,000 persons in Malta who suffer from this condition which greatly affects people’s health.

The various symptoms of heart tiredness are the major reason for a greater amount of patients who each year are admitted at the hospital’s emergency department.

On the occasion of the Day dedicated to this condition, Dr Xuereb stressed that a bad diet, lack of exercises and age are the principal factors for the condition which frequently results from heart attacks.

“It is due to the heart attack wound; the cases causing heart attacks are four: smoking, cigarettes and pipe smoking, high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, which all cause the narrowing of heart arteries and a tired heart”.

Dr Xuereb added that at an advanced age, the heart has a greater tendency of getting tired and warned that the condition may also affect younger people.

Marisa Zammit, who attended the information meeting at Mater Dei hospital, said that she seriously treats the lack of breathing symptoms following the death of her friend. “She gained some weight, was lacking in breath and thought it was the result of extra weight however it was due to a tired heart”.

Dr Xuereb stressed that the Maltese need to take care of their health from a young age, both through exercises and a good and balanced diet.

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